Love God, Love Others, Love Loud

At Victory, we strive to provide rich, Biblical music in our services. Our conviction is that music should not just be entertainment. Our music is not to cater to all of our individual preferences. We strive for excellence in our music, both musically and lyrically. Our services are liturgical, walking through the rhythms of grace. Elements of our worship include the call to worship, passing the peace, the call to confession, assurance of pardon, and dedication. We sing songs that reflect each of these emotions, training our hearts to worship in this rhythm. Worship is hearing God’s revelation in Scripture and our responding to it- in song, in the sermon, and in dedicating our lives to live for Jesus. Worship trains us in all of these things.


In dedicating ourselves to that task, worship requires us to learn songs to sing together corporately. We want our membership to learn songs we sing and celebrate together in our services. In an effort to aid in this endeavor, we offer a list of songs that we sing in our services as well as songs that we hope to introduce later on. We encourage you to take advantage of these resources during the week as we look forward to the church gathered, the times we come together to worship!


Songs for Opening of Worship

Songs for Lament

Songs of Confession

Songs of Assurance

Songs of Dedication